If a girl you really like, then you shouldn't waste your time. To start, set up yourself to the fact that it is time to make the right decision and to confess his feelings.
Then invite the girl to walk, that is, invite her on a date. To do this, select the opportunity, go up to her and start a conversation. During conversation ask her what she will do tonight and after that, feel free to invite her for a walk. Notify her that you want to talk about something very important.
Don't forget to bring out a small gift. Let this be a beautiful bouquet, chocolate or just a soft toy. Surround the girl. Do everything you can to make her feel your concern.
Before you invite the girl to meet, prepare for the conversation with her. Don't be afraid to look ridiculous or silly. Remember, only insecure people can't talk about their feelings and desires. Even if you worry too much – it will only do you good. Then the girl will understand that you have to it the most serious feelings.
In advance pick words that you start a conversation, but do not just talk about the most important. To start a fun chat with a girl on a variety of topics that you and she is interested in. Only then tell her how much you like it. How well and easily when it is close that you wouldn't ever want to part with it.
Think, perhaps, you too pretty girl, and your relationship are on the same place just because you don't know how to offer friendship out of fear of being rejected.
If all goes well, she will agree to be friends with you. Time will pass and you will laugh remembering how worried and afraid to approach her. It is actually very simple. Try to be yourself and don't screw anything up.