A good start is the key to success

Start with easy topics. Don't start with that might embarrass the girl. Don't talk about a strange rash on his back and not ask her what troubled her most in life. Stick to neutral topics that can be developed into something more interesting. Avoid expletives. Girls love to be treated like a lady.

Here are some possible topics to get the conversation started:

Favorite musical group

Movies watched recently


Brothers and sisters,

What did you do last weekend and what you plan to do next weekend

Your plans for the next holiday or vacation.

Avoid personal topics

The talk on personal matters can be put aside for further communication. And yet not mention who the family died, whom you once loved, what strange disease had or how afraid of death. Too deep a conversation in the early Dating may scare off the girl.

On the other hand, if she started the conversation to personal subject, and you can say the same. You'll be even, but do not go over the line.

Note the expression on the girl's face and her body language. You asked a simple question, and she seemed upset and pulled back? Then the conversation turned to a sensitive subject for her.

Don't forget to smile

Positive attitude and friendly demeanor will help to win the girl's attention and will cause its location to you. No need to grin until it hurts your mouth. But a pleasant expression will make your conversation. Then the girl will remain a positive feeling from the conversation. It is especially important to smile at the beginning and end of the conversation. A beautiful beginning and the graceful end of the conversation will leave a good impression about you.

Look into the eyes of

Yes, eyes are talking, too. Stroking the girl's eyes, as if you tell her that you appreciate her. Out of shyness, you can begin to look at his feet or on the sides, but busting yourself. On the other hand, constant eye contact may embarrass the girl. But look her in the eye when she talks.

Ask questions

The best way to show the girl how much she means to you – is to ask her about what she was doing or just to talk about her. The questions do not necessarily have to be personal, and even better if they don't touch on personal topics. The point is that the girl felt as you try to get to know her better. If she doesn't ask questions, and you some time it is better to refrain from them. Perhaps she had an unpleasant feeling that she was being interrogated. Here's what you can ask the girl:

Her Hobbies and interests,

Her favorite bands, books and TV shows

Her favorite school subjects,

Her dream job,

Her best friends

Her plans for the future.


After a successful start the conversation can make the girl a compliment. Be honest. Do not go too far. Praise her jewelry, hair, sweater, or even any feature of her character. But avoid straightness. "You have beautiful legs" is too much. Stay neutral as much as possible. Do not get carried away.
One compliment per conversation is sufficient. Otherwise, the girl may feel that her cajole that way, or just telling the truth.

Maintaining a conversation

Turning to the main part of the conversation, look for a topic that would be of interest to you both. Perhaps you grew up in the same town, you had a common teacher, a common friend, or you like the same sport? Ask what movie she recently watched. But don't focus on any one movie. Let the conversation will be more of an innuendo. Then there will be more.

Another great way to keep the conversation going is to ask the girl her opinion on a particular account. What she thinks about the political situation in the country? If she likes her new shoes? Getting to know her opinion, you show that you respect and appreciate her as a person.

You will make a great impression on the girl if you pay her attention to something from the environment. Maybe there is a nearby bookstore, and she in it she is? Her shirt icon with an interesting logo of well-known public organization? Such a creative approach will show the girl as you pay attention to details.

Make her laugh. If your joke like the interviewee, she wants to chat with you again and again. Look for opportunities to make a joke. Laugh at yourself, on a common acquaintance, but kind. Short funny story can also cheer her up.
If humor is not your thing, don't force yourself to joke. The girl will feel it, and she will be too. Better to let it happen naturally. Be yourself.
Shouldn't make fun of her if you are unsure of her reaction. She may resent you. And then the communication end.

Keep confidence. Say goodbye on a good note. The best way to leave a positive impression of yourself is to leave until the conversation had not been exhausted and it seems interesting. Tell me what you need, you have to continue the conversation. The girl will be intrigued and will want to meet again.