Analyze the mood of the girl. Darker than her thoughts about you, the more difficult task. Most likely, in this scenario one SMS-coy, you will not get off. Before you amuse a girlhave to beg her forgiveness, even if the conflict is her fault.
Discard collections of anecdotes. Most likely, the girl too, they have read or heard. The joke needs to be unexpected, otherwise the effect will be.
Carefully take a close look to what surrounds you. Small details, seemingly trivial, this is a whole new, if you just look at them more closely. For example, read the store signs. Gone are the Soviet times, when demands on the literacy of the text was tantamount to state laws. Analyze errors, type the text that was read with their preservation and send to the girl.
Do not limit yourself to reading. Listen and watch what is happening around you. Be alert to fun patterns and excerpts from conversations of people passing by. Quote them in SMS.
Use all the facets of humor. Laughter is a protective reaction as a logical absurdity, and in General on any thought or event, which people could not tolerate or accept. But in the specific case the joke is supposed to be good: "I Miss you. Even favorite chocolate is from boredom." Consider the characteristics of humor girl. If you know its bad, use a neutral jokes, produmyvayte the soil and the borderline: "I'm going to your house with a guitar. Come out to the balcony, I will sing serenades until you forgive."