You will need
  • Plastic spider, flour, bat, flowers
First think, what framework needs to be in the draw which your favorite is not exactly offended. Each person has his own limit of what is funny, when it comes to him. But in any case, because you should know your girl better than others, so prepare yourself thoroughly, and if anything, don't blame me.
Almost every girl is afraid of insects. Quietly walk up to her and shout out: "you Have a cockroach in your hair!" - yelp will be enough. Or buy a plastic spider and secure it from the ceiling or other place where your companion will definitely throw a glance.
Girls are very jealous of their appearance. But some are still unable to evaluate the following drawings: pile the flour or starch in the dryer, which it every morning drying her hair. The same can be done with the ventilation system in the car. Just keep in mind that to do the cleaning after such fireworks, most likely, have you.
Give your girl beautiful is Packed to the top of the bouquet. Only in the center of the bouquet instead of a flower, insert a bit. It was a joke with a hint of a "soft and forgiving" nature of your beloved. The bat can write: "My tender and affectionate". This bouquet the girl will definitely appreciate. Just try not to give it after all the previous contests run the risk of being atropinum.
The important thing is that you have to remember by playing his girl - that she is fragile and delicate creation. Choose the draws so they did not bring her mental and especially physical pain. In the end, on the drawing needs to laugh and the one who plays and the one they play. Otherwise, it is not a joke, and a mockery.