The most important thing is to decide on the first step to start a conversation and not look stupid. Hackneyed phrases and techniques with the proliferation of the Internet did not cause the girls interest and rapid response, so it's important to learn how easily and naturally engage in conversations on General topics. It's important to be able to joke funny.

Do not complicate

To be able to start a conversation with a girl, you need to be aware of the news and public life. Then very simply in the queue, cafes or other public areas to make relevant and timely remark, mentioning a celebrity, an important event or breaking news. If the girl in the subject, and she was interested in you, she will gladly respond to your remark. This is already possible to build a conversation. You don't need to memorize news, quotes, facts from the lives of celebrities, just need to broaden your horizons.

Don't need to be pretentious or arrogant, don't try to be intellectual. Still, despite all the beliefs of a charge, the most effective way to strike up a conversation with a girl you like is to go say Hello. Of course, she can refuse to talk to you and get to know, but none of the complicated "checked" pikeperch methods can not guarantee a perfect result. Especially in situations with beautiful girls, who had heard the original visits to the acquaintance.


Another great option for making conversation with a girl in a public place is to ask for her opinion. This tactic is suitable for cafes, large shops, markets. Anything. Most importantly – ask opinions on intelligible matter (this is unlikely to be football, fishing or hunting). Ask for help in selecting a shirt or tie is a great way to start conversation.

In any bar the simplest way to get a girl's attention is to drink to her health. You need only catch the sight of a vending person, to raise a glass and say "cheers!". This cute gesture is of interest and positive emotions in almost all of the girls. You can then try to strike up a conversation on any neutral topic, most importantly, don't be Intrusive.

If you are already acquainted with the girl, but the conversation you can not get on, ask her to play a game. It can be a battleship or TIC-TAC-toe on a napkin. Unable to resist her a little, it will greatly increase the chances of an interesting conversation after the game.