A sleeping person is relaxed and defenseless, so it's fun to play a trick on him: he is not aware that does and says when he is on the verge between dream and reality. However, jokes need to be very careful, because you can inadvertently scare people. After these jokes he's likely to have a lot of stress or the start of heart problems, nightmares. Like better not to bring, especially if we are talking about the joke on the girl. They create fragile, and often touchy, so joke around with them should be good.
Pririsuyte her mustache. Sleep is easier just to draw on her face something funny, for example, the mustache. Waking up, she first did not feel anything unusual and will not understand why people laugh at her. But when he reached the bathroom, immediately will understand everything. If a girl with humor, it combines a couple of minutes of laughter you provided. For fun choose only well-washed pencil or pen, otherwise, after trying to wash permanent marker you will not be amused.
The stomach can also be a place for creativity. Someone of the guys draws something quite nice that may like the girl - funny little face, or a smiley toddler. And someone makes a very proprietary drawings, stamps like "My girl" or "no trespassing". The imagination of young people manifests itself sometimes very rapidly. In this case, perhaps, it should be borne in mind that stomach with some of the ladies - the place is very sensitive, so if the girl wakes up and finds you in the process of drawing, awkward explanations will not be avoided.
Pretty funny to do on the head of his lady funny hair. To do this, take the hair gel and varnish, carefully to give the hair the desired shape, for example, sticking to the sides of the strands, and how to fix. Waking up with a haircut and seeing myself in the mirror, the girl certainly will not be laughing, but you will have fun from the soul.
Makeup and cosmetics - this is the domain of women, however, and you will find the thing when you want to play the girl. Take the shadows brighter, or Vice versa, darker and thickly apply it on the eyelids. Do the same with blush on his cheeks. For nails use different paints. You will almost certainly have a hard time in the morning, when the girl is shouting fly out of the bathroom, but it would be fun to look forward to, and then to see her reaction to your cute antics.
You can think of many jokes on a sleeping girl. For example, early in the morning to put next to her a large doll or a dummy, throwing the blanket on him and made it look like it's her young man. What will be her surprise when during the morning a gentle kiss and she'll discover something plastic. But the best surprise for a girl will become something completely opposite: a pleasant care about her when you bring her Breakfast in bed or the flowers she finds in the Desk this morning with a note from you.