A sense of humor and the ability to read and write is not innate. If desired, it can be developed. Undoubtedly, someone, nature gives you a talent to make people laugh, someone funny to joke ability comes with age, and some have to learn it specially. But we should not be afraid of the fact that, again, you have to comprehend something new: the development of a sense of humor will be fun and exciting.
Interested in humor: often watch Comedy programs, read humorous stories, anecdotes, look, as a joke by others. The number eventually will turn into quality: the most successful and funny jokes will be remembered and will be the Luggage of humor. After some time, some good a joke to come to mind itself
Remember: what company is this and humor. One company decided to laugh at the bawdy, bawdy jokes and all sorts of indecent. Another appreciated the subtle humor, impossible to understand to the uninitiated. This rule is one of the components of success of any Joker. The company of friends and like-minded people to laugh is not difficult, but to make a stranger laugh harder.
Extreme caution to make fun of your interlocutors. The ability to make fun of a person so that he was not offended – it's aerobatics and the art of humor. In a relationship with a girl, in a conversation with the boss or with my parents it is better to refrain from this type of humor. To offend people easily, and to prove that it was a joke, it will be difficult. It is much safer to make fun of themselves over a fictional character or just the situation.
Try to come up with your own jokes. Come up with funny answers on daily questions like: "How are you? – Kiss me first!". Try to apply well-known jokes in unusual situations. Remember the most famous Proverbs and sayings and think of them, funny end.
Trying to seem fun and playful, keep the measure. A timely joke laugh a group. And constant banter can be perceived as bad taste. If we are talking about serious things, try to say something funny would be extremely inappropriate. During a conversation about cars anecdote on the theme of love of the adventures of Lieutenant Rzhevsky will not be perceived as successful and funny.
Do not despair if it is not successfully make a joke. Try to do it natural and relaxed. And remember: even famous comedians Zadornov and Petrosyan enjoy. There are people who think their humor is not funny, unoriginal and even a flat.