The faculties of exact Sciences

One of the priorities of Moscow state University is the training of mathematicians. It is held on mehaniko-mathematical faculty. The student can choose one of the specializations within the faculty of mathematics, mechanics or mathematics in Economics.
Students mekhmat regularly win prizes in international competitions.

Those who are more interested in programming, fit faculty of computational mathematics and Cybernetics. This faculty prepares specialists for solving more practical problems, not only in Informatics but also in the implementation of physical and chemical research.

The faculties of natural Sciences

Physical faculty of Moscow state University is known for its large number of famous teachers, 8 of them were awarded the Nobel prize. A third of physicists, members of the Academy of Sciences - graduates of Moscow state University. Though the main place on the faculty is the training of students in fundamental disciplines, subsequently, the graduates of the faculty can work not only in science but also in the workplace.

The chemistry Department is one of the oldest in the University, it exists since the founding of the institution. Training is conducted on a single discipline - chemistry - however, 18 different frames, representing the whole spectrum of modern chemical science.

The biology faculty trains specialists-geneticists, anthropologists, physiologists, botanists. There is a relatively new but very promising direction - Biophysics. Graduates of biological faculty are indispensable in pharmaceutical production, medical research and in the study of flora and fauna.

From the biology Department was separated biotechnical faculty that trains primarily the professionals, focused on practical activities.

Department of Geology trains specialists in great demand in Russia industry - prospecting and mining.

Humanitarian faculties

MSU conducts training on a wide range of Humanities disciplines. The historical and philological faculties produce future scientists and potential teachers with a high level of training. Separately there is the Institute of Asia and Africa. He is preparing on the history, culture and politics of the countries of the ancient and modern East. In this Institute you can become an expert on one of the rare languages.

European languages the students study at the faculty of foreign languages and area studies. Graduates, in addition to language skills, and get other necessary interpreter skills, such as knowledge of the realities of the country of your chosen language.

Also widely known law faculty and faculty of journalism.
Also knowledge about policies of other countries can be found at the faculty of political science.

Public administration

Students seeking work in government can enroll in one of the highest schools of public administration, working at MSU. You need to have a bachelor's degree in another area of expertise, since schools are set only in the master's degree. Such education can be useful not only recent graduates but also professional managers who want to improve their skills.