Choosing a future profession of a choreographer, to start finished 9 or 11 grades. Will receive the diploma of the school of arts in the class choreography. If you haven't finished, but just visited a dance club and have a couple of letters and thank you letters, then that's fine, too. And if that you do not have, and just really love to dance, and everyone around you say that you got the moves, the profession of a choreographer you are also dependent.
Prepare carefully for admission. Exam preparation will devote the last six months before the end of school. At the same time tighten their knowledge in literature and Russian language. That is what you have to provide to the school the results of the exam. Be prepared for the fact that the examination tests will be held in 3 rounds. The art of the choreographer assumes a good knowledge of classical dance. He will be devoted to the first exam, no matter in which city you will arrive. This exam is waiting for you in schools and Universities for choreography. Learn to execute the exercise at the Barre, center and Allegro. Show the admissions Committee your knowledge of dance and musicality.
Similarly, practice good performance of folk and historical-household dance. In this case, note that the examiner chooses and invites you to portray in dance certain movements, etudes, or a combination of various folk themes. To the third round prepare choreographic sketch or number. Execute it in classical, folk, in the style of modern dance or free plastic. Study can be executed both independently and in a group. Here will be determined by your creative range.
If you want to specialize ballroom dance, instead of folk dances, sports practice European dance (waltz, tango, Foxtrot). Learn theoretical information about the dance, as in some schools the exam consists of two parts: practical and theoretical. For this specialization prepare the Latin American sports dance: theory and practice (Jive, cha-cha-cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble).
In some schools you will need knowledge of the Colloquium. To do this, expand your awareness about the problems of foreign and domestic art, dance, knowledge of literature, dance history and choreography. To enroll in a specialty choreographer, use our recommendations. Then good luck will not leave you. As a result of training you will become the artistic Director of the creative collective - a teacher of choreography.