You will need
  • 1. MSU students
  • 2. Books by MSU professors
  • 3. Courses at MSU
To start with the faculty you want to enroll. For example, if you are interested in more of the history of language, than the history of countries, you'd better choose a faculty of Philology. By the faculty, find out where the building of your faculty. For example, the building of the faculty of journalism is located on moss street, and the philosophy faculty is located near the metro station University. Pay attention to the competition. Traditionally, the biggest competition at the faculty of Economics, faculty of public administration, faculty of world politics.
Visit the building where you want to study five or six years. To visit the building you need to have a passport. Meet with students who will tell you about how the education process is organized, what you need to be ready, etc. Go to the admissions office of your faculty to learn about the deadlines, and also clarify what documents you need to collect.
Decide for yourself on what Department you want to study: day, evening, or correspondence. Please note that many faculties you should apply immediately to the branch which you have chosen for yourself. However, not all faculties of Moscow state University have evening classes. Check this point in the admissions office. Note that to enter the evening Department easier because the competition for this Department is usually lower than in the daytime. Also find out the schedule of the evening office. Sometimes the classes start from 18:00 PM and earlier. Therefore, the work may not fit into this schedule, and attendance at any University is very important.
Get ready to enroll in MSU in advance. Preferably, in the 10th grade to begin attending preparatory courses at Moscow state Universitybecause they teach the people who will take your entrance exam. You can also engage with Tutors who are prepared to attend on your chosen faculty. Don't forget to refer to books written by professors of the faculty you decided to do. Of course, if you are engaged in the preparatory courses of MSU, you are probably familiar with these benefits. If you are preparing to apply yourself, you can purchase these books, both in the University and in many shops of Moscow. After reading them, you'll know what questions you may be asked on the exam, especially because it can be the authors of these books.