You will need
  • - photocopy of passport, diploma or transcript;
  • - 2 matte photos.
French College is considered higher education institution. It operates with the support of the Ministry of education, Ministry of foreign Affairs, the Ministry of higher education and science, as well as in cooperation with universities of France, partners of the College. The educational institution was founded at the initiative of Nobel prize winner academician Andrei Sakharov and the French public figure of a marker of the Halter. Currently, the College is working with ten French universities and Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov.
Studies in the French College free. It takes the citizens of Russia and CIS countries. An application can keep the person have successfully completed the third year any other higher educational institution or already have a state diploma. Enrollment in College takes place without entrance exams. In the school has two departments, Russian and French. The students are unable to study in such disciplines as history, literature, law, philosophy, and sociology. After each semester students are required to take the exam in the form of an essay: French and Russian. The transition course is in two sessions. Ending the French Department of the College, graduates have the opportunity to continue their education in France.
The entry in the College is conducted in 4 stages. In the first applicants must fill out a registration form online at The entry opens annually on March 30. In the second stage it is necessary to collect documents and to surrender to the Bureau of the College. In the list of documents included photocopies of passport, student card, transcript or high school diploma, two matte photos 3*4. In the third phase, coming in the French Department, write a French language test. Then made a pedagogical account, which gives access to training in College.
Students who have the DALF certificate, enter the first year of the French Department without examination. It is also not possible to switch from Russian-speaking Department at the French. Teaching the French language from scratch in College is not provided. It should be noted that admission to College does not entitle you to a reduced fare and accommodation in the hostel of MSU.