You will need
  • "Student's guide";
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
Decide in what area you would like to work. This can take a variety of tests to determine an "ideal profession." They can't give you a definite answer to the question, but will help to understand in what direction to move better. Also consult with parents and other adults whose opinions you trust. If your school has classes in career counseling, you can learn useful information about a modern labor market of teachers.
Keep in mind that when choosing a career it is safer to focus on personal preferences and not on the popularity or demand for specialty in this. Your training will take at least five years, during which the market demand for specialists able to change dramatically. Besides, even if you get a demanded profession, then you must become a worthwhile person This is difficult to achieve if you don't like the job you are doing.
Choose a University course of study. You will help to Orient the "student's Guide" which is published annually for each city. Find Colleges that teach you are interested in the specialty. Note the presence of budget places to your chosen direction. This is especially important if you are not willing to pay for the training. If in doubt, you can find out how is selected the University in various rankings of educational institutions. But note that they are often not representative, for example, the University may take a lower place just because of the small number of students or full-time teachers.
Decide which facultyyou want to study. It so happens that the same specialty, for example, programming can teach and at the mathematical faculty, for facultye information technology. So which one should you choose? For this you need to understand what the differences in the curriculum in these subjects. This can be done by studying the timetable and the curricula, if they are in the public domain on the website of the University. Also a good way is to attend "open Day", during which it is possible to meet with the Dean of the facultyand curators of the specialty and find out from them what is the specific curriculum.