If someone threatens to kill you or to harm human health, and thus you have a real reason to trust this threat, the perpetrator may suffer criminal liability for the use of mental violence. For then to initiate a criminal case on this fact, you need to contact the police Department at the place of residence and to write the corresponding statement. It is necessary to specify your name, address, passport data, called the person threatened, time and place of the crime. In addition, you will need to outline the circumstances of the uttering of threats, their shape and the grounds on which you believe these threats are real. If this fact were present witnesses, enter their names and contact details. Don't forget to mention that you warned about liability for perjury.
Of course, it is not necessary to inform the police whenever you hear something that could be interpreted as a threat. In the comments to the Criminal code says that in this case the offense is determined by the specificity and the reality of the threat. For example, if a neighbor constantly threatened to kill you, and you know that he has a hunting rifle, you have every reason to perceive the threat as real. In the event of litigation concerning this statement should be figuring out expected whether the aggressor is in this psychological impact. The penalty for violation of this article are forced to work, or the limitation or deprivation of liberty for a term up to two years.