The process of writing the application starts with the registration of his "caps", which should be located on the right edge of the sheet. It specifies the name of the authority of the police, the data of the supervisor (name, title), information about the applicant (name, surname, address, telephone).
Then in the middle of the line, you need to write the word "Statement", and below is already present all the things that happened. When drafting the text of the statement, it is necessary to recall and describe in detail where, when and under what circumstances was discovered the theft of the phone, who was there in that moment, what did you do then, if you passed the phone to someone. It is also necessary to describe in detail the phone itself, specify its model (perhaps, she has any distinctive characteristics or properties that the others do not). The more detailed your story, the easier for the police to catch the criminal. The text of the statement make as clearly as possible, avoid ambiguous concepts and terms.
Below the main text is also in the middle of the line write the word "Please", put the colon. Then indicate its request to Institute criminal proceedings on the facts you set out. Then in your statement mention that you are aware about the possibility of criminal prosecution under article 306 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation in that case, if the facts specified in the statement will not find its confirmation. Personally sign the application, specify the date of its publication. Statement ready, it can be given at any police station.