You will need
  • - the statement;
  • order.
If you need to get a few days off, you must notify the employer in writing, to receive a statement of his resolution, and only then to make funeral arrangements.
The funeral is the case when to warn the employer about your absence in advance will not work. So write the statement before the day of leave without pay.
You should personally visit the company. The statement must be written by you personally. Unified no, so write the standard form. On a piece of paper to the right, enter your company name, name of the Director General. Next, write from whom the statement name of the posts number of the division or business unit.
In the center of the sheet write "Statement". Next "is Asked to provide leave without pay (number of days) for the funeral of a relative." Put your signature, the date. Contact your supervisor, obtain the resolution.
Leave for the funeral is available in three or five days, but if you really hard because of the loss of a loved one, you have the right to write a statement, putting 14 days of leave is the maximum number of calendar days that can provide at one time.
If you are financially responsible, all the cases will have to pass mate or to go to work immediately after the funeral. For example, a storekeeper may close the warehouse or immediately transfer all tangible assets that to do it quickly is problematic. Therefore, in the internal legal acts of the enterprise should be guidance on cases where a financially responsible officer must hastily leave the workplace.
Usually a Committee consisting of the administrative structure with the presence of the changer, the product count, make a statement and the act, and then the second storekeeper goes to work.