Drafting a statement about the theft should begin with the completion of his "hats" (as a General rule it is located in the upper right corner of the sheet). It specifies details about the body, which follows the statement (the name, an indication of the head of the body, its rank, degree), data on the applicant (surname, name, patronymic, address of residence, contact telephone number).
Below the drains in the middle, write the word "Statement", then in the free story state the nature of the incident. A feature of this offense as "theft" is that it is performed secretly and the victim discovers the fact of the disappearance some time later. In the preparation of the main text of your application, try to remember and specify where, in what circumstances you find missing things, who was nearby, what you were doing. Describe the thing itself, specify its distinctive features, the cost (attach receipt, if available). This information will help the police in catching criminals. The statement should be simple and clear when read, try to avoid ambiguous expressions.
After the presentation of all circumstances Express your request for a procedural check on your statement and initiate a criminal case on the fact of theft of property.
Then in your application make reference to the fact that you are warned about criminal liability under article 306 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation (this article establishes liability for knowingly false denunciation). This record will give you assurance that the police statement will be accepted. At the statement put his signature number in parentheses decipher it (please include your surname and initials), put it next to the current date.