Advice 1: Where to complain about the inaction of police officers

To complain about the inaction of police officers should not only superiors, but you can contact a private security service, the police, the public chamber, the Prosecutor and even the court. All these bodies can not only help in solving the problem that the police refused to allow, but compels them to perform their duties.
Where to complain about the inaction of police officers
Many Russians probably had to go to the police. But often they are denied in the investigation of a particular incident or crime, do not want to look for missing relatives, trying to wriggle out of a criminal or administrative case, or, through inaction, nullify all previous efforts in solving the problem. Some applicants to the police shrug their shoulders, others go to complain to their superiors, but they do not meet understanding.

Who to complain to first

First of all, of course, you must first write a complaint to the head of the body of internal Affairs for the police officer, if their inaction it does not contribute to the development of the situation.

This statement can be send by mail, you can bring it to the reception and leave with the Registrar. It is better to write the application in two copies and one to keep. Also, such a statement can be published on the website OVD or UVD.
To write the application on plain paper A4. It should indicate the name and surname of a police officer, it is desirable to know his rank and position. Also in any form, should be reported and the situation itself.

You can also call the hotline either in the office of the chief and Express the essence of the complaint. At the moment all telephone calls to the police are recorded, so any call will not remain unanswered. You can even call the number 02.

To appeal the inaction of a police officer by applying in the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia directly. There the complaint should be sent certified or registered mail. The answer will come after a few weeks with the conclusion of the appeal. You can also contact the office of security police. But it also happens that the police refuse to help.

Where to complain about next

Contesting the actions of a police officer is more effective if you contact the Prosecutor's office. This is best done in writing and you can write on the website when on the Internet. In any form should describe the situation, indicate all the information. The Prosecutor's office shall apply to such complaints more interested and will respond quite quickly.
By the way, will be less effectively and appeal to the media. You can write to a newspaper or turn on the TV. You can still go to the reception of the public chamber.

If you do not help the prosecution, it remains the last instance is the court. There should also include a complaint about the inaction of the police officer in writing. One copy should be keep. There a complaint needs to fix, put a stamp on the second copy. However, it is being used in other bodies.

It is best to appeal the actions of the police immediately, do not delay it indefinitely, so this process will be most productive.

Advice 2 : Where to complain about police

The police exists to protect the rule of law. Unfortunately, sometimes police officers themselves violate the rights of citizens. Faced with rudeness, abuse of power, bribery on the part of the police, the victim does not always consider it necessary to appeal its action, assuming that no Council employees of power structures no. This is not so. Complaining can and should be.
A police officer should behave correctly
You will need
  • - telephone directory;
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - handle.
To complain about a police officer it supervisor. Find out the name and the name of the police, and the Department in which he works. Look in the directory the address and telephone number of this Department. Call and find out the date and time of personal reception. If you live in the metropolis, most likely, will need to make an appointment. In the village or a small town can sometimes be without this formality, the reception is in the queue.
Prepare the statement. It is written in a free form, but in any case, in the upper right corner you need to specify whom the complaint is who it's from and your contact details. In the main text, describe what happened. Enter the details of the police officer who has treated you incorrect, place and date. It may happen that the policeman will refuse to report their data. Then just specify the nature of the incident, when and where it happened, ask to understand.
To complain about the work of the police, and the annual report to residents. Heads of departments under the current Russian legislation are required to hold such meetings where you can come all the residents with their questions and complaints. To know about the time of the report from the local media. In some cities, the local administration informs residents about such events, and through management companies who put up fliers at the entrances, and through official city sites.
The heads of the police departments are not always attentive to citizens ' complaints in his Department, so don't be surprised if you meet a cold reception. The next place you should contact the Prosecutor's office. It is obliged to ensure that citizens ' rights are respected in full. The Prosecutor's office is better to apply in person, and you can write the application on the spot. The sample must be either in information booth or by the Secretary.
A complaint against the police can apply to court. Before it is better to consult a lawyer, since the judiciary have no obligation to provide the citizens or samples of documents or lists of what you need to provide. On the contrary, the judge during the process just evaluates which of the parties have provided more convincing evidence. So to make the claim you have to yourself. In the statement of claim specify what happened, when, where and with whom. Write the kind of legislation that violated the police officer, and what compensation you would like to obtain.
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