Writing statements about the threat starts with the completion of the so-called "cap", which, as a rule, located in the upper right corner. It specifies the name of the authority or officer to whom you refer, his rank or class rank, surname, name, patronymic of the applicant, residential address and, where possible, specified and contact telephone number.
Further, the center drains to spell the word "Statement". Then in freestyle it is necessary to explain the essence of danger. Better to take smaller clear sentences that contain only facts of importance. In the statement it is better to avoid any kind of expressions like "perhaps", "probably". If you have documentary evidence of imminent danger to you or already committed a crime, and attach copies of these documents, putting them in a list and the number of sheets in the text of the statement.
After a statement of fact indicate its request to consider your application in accordance with the current legislation (in the text it is possible to make links to the relevant articles) and to conduct procedural checks on these in the statement of facts. You can add a clause on the written notice about the decision on your application. It should be to make sure that you have had the opportunity to appeal in case of disagreement with the results. Just in practice this rule is often violated, and the applicant sometimes is a long time in the dark, and then precious time is lost, and to achieve becomes difficult and sometimes impossible.
The last line in the Declaration must specify the fact that you are warned about criminal liability under article 306 of the Criminal Code for knowingly false denunciation. This record would deprive a police officer a reason to reject your application because of possible false accusation and the absence of any responsibility for it. Then sign the application, decipher his signature, putting next to their surname and initials, place the current date.
Prepared statement take away nearby the police station and refer to the duty that it took. Don't fall for excuses such that it is necessary to apply at the place of the crime or that the statements are accepted at a certain time. According to the instructions, the reception and registration of messages is around the clock and in any Department. If the crime is committed elsewhere, your request will be forwarded to the appropriate investigative jurisdiction in the area where it should be carried out its examination on the merits. Just when submitting the application at the crime scene, and you save time for its shipment to another Department.