Collect evidence that your neighbors disturb public order and hinder the rest in the daytime and at night. It can be written testimony from other neighbors, audio and video, documented the facts of corruption and the state of your property (for example, elevators, mailboxes, etc.). Please note: even if residents of a nearby apartment noise only during the day, then the excess of volume in the 70-80 dB can already be regarded as an administrative offense, provided that such actions are systematic.
Talk to the neighbors, violating public order, for the last time. In the case that the reasons given for you, do not found their understanding, refer to the district by typing them in popularity.
Specify the name of someone you make a statement (the title of the district, his name). Write the name of someone prepared statement (your name and home address). Ask them to take action against the neighbors, putting their address. Give the facts of the violations and thus necessarily refer to the relevant articles of the Constitution, the Housing Code and administrative code.
Ask the district to give a formal response to your statement. He will be obliged to do so within 10 days after your treatment. Attach to the application all you have gathered evidence of the systematic violations of public order on the part of your neighbors. The application must be drawn up in 2 copies.
The officer must sign and indicate the registration number on each copy of the application. If within 10 days of appropriate action in relation to your neighbours will not be accepted, contact the Prosecutor or ask the other residents of the apartments together to make collective appeal to your ATC.