The complaint most often write when the investigator commits misconduct in relation to persons participating in, or delaying the investigation for no apparent reason. First and foremost, you can file a complaint to the head of the investigative body, in which the investigator and the Central apparatus of the Investigative Committee, the website of which works via the Internet.
It is also possible to submit a complaint in the district court, which made a preliminary investigation. If there are multiple district courts, the complaint is served according to the Decision of the Supreme court in the judicial authority at the location of the investigation. Also citizen has the right to complain to the district Prosecutor's office. If its decision is not satisfied, to the superior Prosecutor of the Russian Federation.
Complaints can be presented personally or send by mail. In presenting the complaint in person or in the office, ask to give you a copy (or second copy if you have it ready) accepted the complaint with the signature, decoding of the person who the complaint was received, date and stamp.
By law, the complaint is held in open court. At this meeting required the presence of all stakeholders, that is, except you (or a representative) at the meeting should be attended by the investigator, for which the complaint was filed. The court in considering whether to admit the challenged actions are illegal, and to refuse to the applicant satisfaction of the complaint.