Phone fraud is a new type of fraud that criminals carried out with a mobile or landline phone. Most often, the goal of the fraudsters is to lure the victim's money. Moreover, this type of fraud is virtually untouchable.
According to statistics, fraud is one of the most profitable types of offenses. The punishment for these actions should not, for the simple reason that the amount asked is quite small, for which no one is going to contact the authorities.

What methods are used by phone scammers

If you got the SMS of questionable content, do not throw immediately to transfer the money. Don't be surprised if you can't get through to someone who sent you a message asking for help. This is due to the fact that the scammers are fairly well equipped technically, and use special plugs that do not give the signal a call to the phone of the subscriber of the aisle.
It is better to protect yourself beforehand, agreeing with your family about any secret details: words, phrases, etc. that you will use, if you really need help. In other cases, you should not respond.

Try not to respond to TEXTS of this kind. If the thirst for justice rages in your blood, write a statement to the police. However, it is not the fact that they will consider it, because there is no corpus delicti – the money you gave.

As for calls to a cell phone with a story that is the investigator, and your relative hit someone and you urgently need money, you need to think in such a situation very soberly. Even if the caller's voice can be very similar to the voice of your loved one. Try to reach him and find out if everything was okay. Don't hesitate to call and friends with whom he can be around. After all, you are trying to find out the truth.

Calls telephone scams usually happen in the night. This is due to the fact that they are trying to confuse you, because awake people can not think clearly. So pull yourself together and don't panic.

What to do

If you understand that SMS is a fake, the only thing you can do is to call your mobile operator and inform him of fraud and the number from which you received a message. Typically, the operator blocks of the subscriber.

In more complex situations, for example, if you transferred money, you will need to write a statement the mobile operator with the request for the refund. However, to expect to recover lost funds if the money transfer was made within the same network.

In case you have a call and demands to lift a certain amount to save a relative from trouble, you need to immediately throw up. Remember that no police officer will not ask you for a bribe, especially on the phone.

Situation when swindlers enticed quite a large sum, are not uncommon. Usually the victims are trusting seniors. In this situation, no need to wonder where to go, and immediately go to the police.