The applicant should always be warned about criminal liability for false denunciation (article 306 of the criminal code). This was in the Protocol is marked with the signature of the applicant. An anonymous tip is not grounds for criminal prosecution.
A written statement about the crime (fraud) served in law enforcement need of territoriality. The statement is served, the duty of law enforcement Agency and must be accepted and registered. If the duty of the do not want to accept your application, you can send it by registered mail with notice, or contact the Prosecutor's office at the place of Commission of the crime.
However, in any case, the statement of fraud must be decorated accordingly. Otherwise, it may result in administrative or, much worse, criminal liability.
In a statement about the fraud , you must provide the following information:
In the header of the application write the name of law enforcement Agency who you are applying for, your details, details of passports, residence address and registration.
In the statement describe the circumstances of the incident, identify the individual who committed the fraud shall present the request to initiate criminal prosecution under article 159 "Fraud" of the criminal code
Submit all the necessary evidence of fraud (documents, photos, etc.). Specify the amount of damages incurred by you as a result of fraud.
Put the statement legible signature with interpretation and date.
The Prosecutor's office must verify the facts within a 10-day period and to solve a question on excitation of criminal case or about refusal of excitation, in which case the Prosecutor's office is obliged to send you the corresponding decision. Refusal to initiate a criminal case can be appealed to the higher body or in court.