You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • - access to the Internet.
Registration in the personal Cabinet Beeline allows the user to control all the operator's services, and send free messages. To begin using this mini-office, you must register the personal account Beeline.
To log in to your personal account needs a login and password. To get them, send a request to the number *110*9#. After processing this command, the operator will send the message to your mobile phone data, thanks to which it will be possible to register a personal account Beeline.
Type in your Internet browser address and enter the data.
Passwords sent by the operator is automatically generated, therefore, are quite complex. Change them if registration of your personal account Beeline.
If you successfully registered in the personal account Beeline, after the entrance you will see on the main page, your phone number, tariff plan, the remaining balance, condition of rooms, information about the contract with the operator. In the dashboard you can manage your services, change tariff, order a call detail record, to obtain information on the current bonus balance, recharge.