In order to activate the service "My country" on the Beeline you need to dial the following combination *110*0021#. This can be done through your personal account on the operator's website. Select menu "Products", then "benefits and discounts", find the service "My country", click on it, then you will need to enter the phone number which will receive sms with a code that should be written in the form.

The terms of service "My country"

This option is valid for an unlimited period of time until you will not want to cancel or disable. It works on the whole territory of Russia, except in your home region.

If connected to our "Home region" if you enable the option "My country", the first will shut off automatically.

Deactivate "My country"

On the Beeline to disable this option simply. To do this, dial *110*0020# and this option will be disabled. You can also call the operator and do it over the phone. Another option for deactivation of the service is the use of a personal account.

Conditions of using the service "My country"

Subscription fee when you connect this option is missing. The charge is 25 rubles.

When an incoming call first minute costs 2.5 rubles, all the other minutes are free. For outgoing calls to the Beeline every minute are charged at 2.5 ruble. SMS cost 2.5 rubles.

Per-minute billing: during a conversation that lasted a few seconds, the money will be removed for the moment entirely.