You will need
  • - the passport.
To register as a subscriber of cellular communication "Beeline", contact the nearest customer service of this company, providing them with the necessary documents to connect you to the network and issue you a mobile phone number. If you have previously been a customer of this company and did not comply with the rules of use of its services, the operator is entitled to refuse to register a new mobile number.
It is also possible if you have a specific debt on the account of another room that is also connected to your name, so watch out for all registered you SIM cards and do not give them to other people, do not waste them and end-use of the room break the chip and disconnect of services in the sales offices.
In order to register the number of Beeline refer also to the salons of sales of mobile phones in your city who have a right to connect you to the operator, for example, in "Euroset" and "Svyaznoy". To access them you will also need to have a passport and the necessary amount to pay for the service of receiving the mobile phone number. In this case also remain in force main rules for obtaining accommodation and stay the same restrictions on the provision of services.
In order to register the SIM card "Beeline" in their name at that current time she documented belongs to another person, contact the customer service of the company with the corresponding statement about changing the owner of a mobile number. Please note that the transaction requires the presence of the current holder of the SIM card, otherwise, your application will reject and the room will not be re-registered in your name.