You will need
  • Mobile phone;
  • - coverage of "Beeline".
Turn off your cell phone and remove the back cover. Install the SIM card "Beeline" in the designated slot. Close the cover of the phone and turn it on.If you can't find the nest or do not know in what position to insert a SIM card, check the user manual to your phone.
Enter the PIN code (if required). It is listed on the plastic substrate, which separates the SIM card. Be careful when entering numbers. If you enter the code incorrectly three times in succession, your SIM card will be temporarily blocked.If you want, you can disable запросPIN code or replace the code with the more easily memorized. Information on how to do this, look in the instructions for your mobile phone.
Activate temporarily locked SIM card using the PUK code (if thrice made a mistake when entering your PIN – if not, skip this step). To do this, dial USSD-command:**05*PUK*PIN*PIN (again) a#as the PIN code can enter any 4 digits that you will easily remember. To recover the lost PUK code, call the customer support Center. If you 10 times in a row mistype the PUK code to activate the SIM card will not succeed, you will have to change it.
Make sure the network indicator that you are in the coverage area of "Beeline". To activate the starting amount on your account, dial USSD-request *101*1111#If the network is not, change your location. Either wait a while – the network is sometimes intermittent.
Make sure that the starting amount is credited to your account. To do this, check the balance any way you want:• call roomat 0697;• send USSD-request to *102# (if the answer came strange icons, use the command #102#);• send a request via SIM-menu "Beeline" your phone (in the SIM menu, select "My Beeline").If something is wrong, call the numberat 0611 in the customer support Center.
Let your new number phone all of the people with whom you intend to communicate. Not to call them all yourself, you can use the free service "Easy step" (information about the service you can listen to on the telephone 060601 or on the website of "Beeline").