You will need
  • - Payment card;
  • phone.
Buy Unified payment card of the required denomination in the office "Beeline" or any other seller. Open the package and remove the card.
Remove the back of the card protective layer, which includes a 12-digit secret code. Wash protective layer with the edge of a coin, a nail, or a hard eraser. Be extremely careful not to damage the code itself, or make the payment to you then it will be difficult. If this happened, call the customer support Center (phone numbers are listed on the card). Using the operator, you might be able to activate the card by its serial number.
Fund your account with your phone by dialing the following USSD-command:*103*code#and press the call key. Or call 0503, and follow the voice prompts. When you set code of the card be careful – the number of attempts is limited. Wait for the message that the payment is credited.
Replenish the balance of the mobile recipient's phone network "Beeline" with the help of USSD-command:*104*phone number other party*secret code#to Enter the recipient number should be in 10-digit format (without digits "8" or "7" in the beginning). Or call from your mobile number 0504 and then follow the voice prompts.
Activate the payment card from any phone, including landline landline by dialing 8 800 700 0504. Follow the voice prompts. To enter a phone number and a secret code card from a landline phone, put it in tone dialing (press*).
To recharge your USB-kit; through the interface control program. To do this, run the program on your computer and select "Manage account". In the opened list select the "Activate payment card". Enter the card code in the designated box and click "Activate".
Pay for home Internet, WiFi and TV company "Beeline" in accordance with instructions from the activation of a Single card payment in your personal office on the website of the company.