You will need
  • computer;
  • - phone connected to the network "Beeline".
You can use the Internet right from your phone. When injected into a "working area" of the 3Gnetwork the mobile phone is automatically configured to access it. The service "Mobile GPRS-Internet" often is activated by itself, activation of additional services is not necessary. Information on whether your phone supports 3G, there are instructions to the apparatus. If the client is disconnected the service, he can again activate it on the official website of "Beeline" or by dialing*110*181#. After gaining access, you should disable and re-enable the phone to register to the network.
The company "Beelineprovides its subscribers the ability to connect to the largest in the capital of the Russian Federation of a network of wireless Internet access technology Wi-Fi. To use the "Beeline WiFi" phone, netbook, notube, music player, etc. a Single login can be used on any Wi-Fi device at each point of the network "Beeline". If the device supports Wi-Fi, and the client "Beelinea" is in service "Beeline wifi", it can get settings Internet. Universal connection method (for all with any device supporting Wi-Fi) involves the registration procedure on the official website of "Beelinea", the choice of a suitable tariff and payment of Wi-Fi via terminal (special card "Beeline wifi" or otherwise). There is also a quick way to connect. He means pre-paid billing system. Choosing the tariff plan, the user from your mobile phone connected to the network "Beeline", can send a TEXT message to the short number corresponding to the selected tariff.
Using "Beelinebut you can configure the Internet on a home computer. Before applying to join the network in the company "Beeline" it is recommended to check whether your house already. This can be done by phone 8-495-974-9999, as well as in the offices of the mobile operator "Beeline", at dealers or on the official website of the company.