Personal online offices often provide their customers with different banks and credit organizations, mobile operators, and Internet and telephone providers. Find out in advance in the company, clients are going to be about, whether it provides service "personal Cabinet". For example, in some banks it is provided solely on a fee basis, therefore you will need to submit an application and Deposit the required amount of money. Only after that you will open access to the electronic portal.
Try to find your personal account on the official website supports you company. The link most often located at the top of the page and involves entering the personal username and password which can be obtained directly from the officee of the company or by executing special instructions on the site. For example, this way you will be able to log into personal accounts on websites of major cell phone operators, and
Enter the company name and the phrase "personal profile" in one of the Internet search engines. As a result, you will be able to know whether it has a corresponding service, and go at it on the proposed link. Be careful and beware of fraudulent websites posing as official resources, for example, replacement of letters or adding extra words in the title. Otherwise, attackers can gain access to your personal data and illegally acquire cash.
Find out the exact name of the relevant services of your company. Most often it is called "my account", but may be named differently, for example, "Online, Bank", "Electronic Cabinet", "My office", etc. depending on this try to alter the search phrase to find any resource on the Internet.