You will need
  • - the account number;
  • mobile phone;
  • - payment card Beeline;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - Bank card;
  • - electronic purse Webmoney;
  • - electronic purse "Yandex";
  • - QIWI-purse.
In order to know the status of account Beeline, you need to log into your account using your username and password or call the network operator on a telephone hotline 8-800-700-8000. In personal Cabinet you can see all possible payment methods Internet to use some of them, as well as to activate trust payments if the balance is negative. Using the latest your account accrues the full amount of the required payment for a period of 7 days. During the week you need to repay trust.
Also, you can pay for the services of the Internet from Beeline via the payment terminals. For this you need to choose the payment mobile communication Beeline and enter the account number 089ХХХХХХХ. Speed of payment depends on the terminal in which you are making the payment.
To pay for Internet from Beeline you can in any salon of cellular communication. It is best to contact the signature salon Beeline. Payment is made through cash, and give you a check. Unfortunately, practice shows that this payment method is quite slow. Money is sometimes received on the following day.
In the phone you can purchase payment cards Beeline for the required amount of money. To activate your card, login to your personal account. On the left side, where the balance information, click on the "Recharge account". On the opened page in the right column lists all the payment methods on the Internet. Are you interested in the item "Activation card Beeline". Click on the link and enter the code from the card payment in the empty box. The money is credited to the account within 5-10 minutes.
You can pay for Beeline Internet using your Bank card. This service is available from your personal account Beeline. Click on the link "credit card" and replenish the balance, following the instructions. Or, if your Bank offers the service "Internet-Bank", you can log in to your account online-Bank and pay for Internet services through replenishment of balance of mobile phone Beeline, instead of using phone numbers to your account. Payment is made quickly.
If you have electronic money Webmoney, or QIWI wallet, you can pay by Internet from Beeline. In the personal Cabinet, select the appropriate option and follow the instructions. Or go to the Webmoney Keeper program, in Yandex or QIWI and select mobile services or Internet Beeline. Money credited to the account within 5-10 minutes.
Very convenient is the service "mobile payment". You can use it at any time if the account your phone Beeline has the required amount of money. To recharge you need to send an sms message to the short number 7878 with the words "beeint 089ХХХХХХХ YYY", where 089ХХХХХХХ - number of your personal account, and YYY is the transferred amount of money. The service is free.