First contact your operator to activate the service "Mobile GPRSInternet". To do this, call the short number 0611. You can also personally visit the office of the cellular company "Beeline", the friendly operators will not only connect you but also help to understand the setting of the device.
If you have no way to contact the operator, activate the service on their own. Dial from your cell phone special code: *110*181# then send the call. After receiving the service message, restart the phone to activate the service.
In that case, if for any reason you are not able to send the USSD request, go to the official website of the cellular operator. Type in the address bar Enter the ten digit phone number and the registered password. You will then be taken to your personal home page. Here you can manage services independently, that is to connect and disconnect them. Find the option "Mobile GPRSInternet" and activate it, and then save the changes.
Then adjust your mobile device. Go to the menu, select "Settings". In it, click "Configuration". Here create a new account, calling it Bee-gprs-internet.
Then configure the GPRS. To do this, enter the parameters. In the field "access Point" enter in the field "user Name" enter the name of the cellular operator in Latin, the password should not be specified. IP address and DNS address also do not need to fill. Authentication must be specified, as usual.
Save the settings, set their standard by default. To activate you must restart the mobile phone. If you want to order automatic settings the Internetbut being in the network "Beeline", please call 0880. Then simply save the resulting message.