Advice 1: How to contact Beeline

Subscribers of the mobile network Beeline often need advice on a particular issue. Especially for this operator was provided a free service, where the subscriber can ask any questions customer service representative.
How to contact Beeline
You will need
  • Mobile phone, SIM card operator "Beeline".
From your mobile phone dial the number 0611, and then press the call key. Once installed, you will get electronic menu of the customer service of Beeline. Now you should be guided by voice prompts. Note that the instruction to the operator called in the last turn. Even if you heard the right digit in the beginning of the message, not in a hurry to press menu and listen to the end – often in the system having problems, and access the desired menu is permitted only after the voice menu service finishes playing the user. Otherwise, the message will be repeated again.
Following the instructions, you need to press certain keys until, until you reach a customer service representative. It is the process causes the subscriber a feeling of irritation. Listening to endless instructions for two minutes communication with an operator, many will simply hang up.
Once you have managed to contact the operator, try as possible to explain the essence of my call. The more precisely you describe your problem, the faster it will be resolved. After a conversation with the operator stay on the line to assess the work of a specialist – it may be that we have someone to disappoint, but you are wasting your time, as this service is absolutely useless.

Advice 2: How to contact Beeline quickly

The operator of mobile communication Beeline may need in various situations: the money deducted from the account, not SMS, roaming is not working. Contact Vodafone by phone or through personal account on the site Beeline.
How to contact Beeline quickly

How to contact Beeline quickly? If the phone is within the coverage area of Beeline network, simply by dialing 611. This is a contact centre where experts will help to solve almost all questions. By calling 0611, you will be taken to the main menu. There you can check account balance, order a statement, to connect or disconnect service, listen to Voicemail, recharge, and more. However, if the relevant options in the main menu on the 611 not, you will have to contact the operator. To do this, in any subsection of the menu, you press the button 0 (zero). Button 0 switches on operators Beeline. Sometimes you have to wait quite a long time - 10-30 minutes.

Please note: less wait time - from 8 to 11 am. At this time, the majority of operators available, and calls are not so much.

If waiting time is not, contact Beeline through the website In myalpari you can also top up the balance, disconnect and connect services, change the tariff plan. The access to the personal account is as follows: in the window on the main page, enter your phone number. You will receive an SMS with a password. Enter the password on the website and enter your personal Cabinet.

There you can write a letter to the Beeline. This is useful in case if the phone is out of range, roaming, is not working outgoing calls. Responsible operators Beeline usually during the day. You can select reply - to email or call. In the second case, the Beeline will call you and tell you how to solve the problem. In the first case, the response will come to specified in your account the e-mail.

Helpful advice: all conversations with the operators Beeline are recorded, so if you don't solve the problem, you can leave a complaint on the site Beeline, putting the time of call and number from which it was made. You will be helped.

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