Advice 1: How to contact Beeline

Subscribers of the mobile network Beeline often need advice on a particular issue. Especially for this operator was provided a free service, where the subscriber can ask any questions customer service representative.
How to contact Beeline
You will need
  • Mobile phone, SIM card operator "Beeline".
From your mobile phone dial the number 0611, and then press the call key. Once installed, you will get electronic menu of the customer service of Beeline. Now you should be guided by voice prompts. Note that the instruction to the operator called in the last turn. Even if you heard the right digit in the beginning of the message, not in a hurry to press menu and listen to the end – often in the system having problems, and access the desired menu is permitted only after the voice menu service finishes playing the user. Otherwise, the message will be repeated again.
Following the instructions, you need to press certain keys until, until you reach a customer service representative. It is the process causes the subscriber a feeling of irritation. Listening to endless instructions for two minutes communication with an operator, many will simply hang up.
Once you have managed to contact the operator, try as possible to explain the essence of my call. The more precisely you describe your problem, the faster it will be resolved. After a conversation with the operator stay on the line to assess the work of a specialist – it may be that we have someone to disappoint, but you are wasting your time, as this service is absolutely useless.

Advice 2 : How to connect with the operator "Beeline"

"Beeline", as well as any other cellular operator, a support, allowing to have a consultant help on how to use the services and report problems. A call to her home region free.
How to connect with the operator "Beeline"
Before calling support, make sure that you have installed in the device, the SIM card purchased in the same region in which you are at the moment. While abroad, support services do not call at all - the call will cost the same as a regular call to Russia. The exception is when it is necessary to block lost abroad SIM card that nobody used it to call the loan (and they are charged international roaming it thus, and, regardless of your tariff plan).
Prepare your passport details. Call 0611 phone with the SIM card "Beeline" (roaming may not work) or on the Moscow number (495) 974-88-88 from any other phone (in this case, the call will be paid). The number for calls from other phones in your area find out of Russia at the regional operator's website.
Hearing the phrase "Dear subscriber, for all the Internet and television - press 1 - press 2", press the corresponding key of the device. If you are calling from a wired phone, before that, switch it to tone mode.
Press the star key, and after the answering machine will switch you to another menu, press the same key again.
Press with zero. Wait for a response consultant. The answering machine will periodically inform you how the approximate time you will hear the answer.
When the consultant will meet, inform him what kind of help you want, or what operation to implement. Or complain to him on mobile scams. If he asks your passport, report it to him. Do not make false complaints and not refer to matters not within the competence of the consultant, for example, about how to connect this or that service on the phone of another operator.
After the consultant put the phone, the answering machine will ask you to evaluate his work. If you want, just give it a couple minutes.
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