You will need
  • The phone connected to the "Beeline"
In order to activate the program, it is necessary to call the number 0555 or dial *110*911#. This service is free. No monthly fee. If the total amount of your payments for the month will exceed your expenses, the bonus will be 10% of the total costs. If the costs will be more payments, the bonus will represent 10% of the amount of the payments.
To check bonus balance, dial the command *106#. To deactivate you need to dial *110*910#. After this refusal, the accrual of bonuses for the month is not made, the bonuses are reset, and to return them anymore. Re-registration of the set bonus starts again.
The bonus occurs once at the beginning of each month (3rd to 10th). The subscriber receives the message about the bonus balance. Not used for calculation of write-off for using services in roaming, calls and SMS messages to short premium rate numbers, outgoing calls to premium rate numbers, voice directory services, payment services "Mobile Commerce", "Trust" and "auto payment".