There are several ways to find out which tariff is currently on your SIM card Beeline and when you are involved in it. Knowing the tariff plan of Beeline ( you can always see the cost of different services and options for the selected rate.
The first way to get the name of the tariff plan of Beeline on your phone – dial *110*05# and press the call button. In response you will receive SMS-message with the name of the price, region and date.
Dial *110*09#, you will also learn about the currently connected options. Perhaps some of them are no longer in use, and the subscription fees are charged. Such options and proposals should disable.
The second method of clarification of your fare on the Beeline is the following: to dial the number 0674, press the call key and using the telephone keypad to choose the desired section.
The section titles will be read to the answering machine. In one of them you will hear information about the rate – choose it. In response you will receive SMS-message with information about the connected tariff plan.
The third way is to call the call center Beeline for a room 0611. Pick up the phone at the operator, who is happy to answer any question related to rates and options. Explain the situation to him that you have changed the rate and I can't remember its name. The operator will answer you within minutes.
And, finally, a fourth way to know the tariff Beeline is to apply directly at the point of service Beeline in your city, preferably where you have connected your mobile phone or bought SIM card.
The Manager will check information about your tariff, using a special database after you tell him the phone number, the tariff of which you want to learn.