If you have a driving license and personal car, for part-time work in the evening you can get a taxi or any service delivery. It can be a restaurant delivery sushi or pizza. In order to get a job in a taxi, you need to find the address of the office to come there with documents and license (some companies do not require any), fill in the form and wait until you answer. Although by law, the driver is not licensed, radios, special counters and other devices, is not entitled to engage in passenger transport.
The second method of earnings in the evening hours - the posting of ads or distribution of flyers. This job pays is not high, however, brings at least some income.
Think, perhaps, you have some skills and abilities that can bring you monetary gain. Some people do in the evenings, tutoring, teach people how to play any musical instruments, cross stitching, knitting or crochet needles, paint or do other interesting things.
Currently, the most common jobs in the evening hours are earnings using the Internet. If you have a good knowledge of Russian language and literature, able to clearly, competently and interesting to Express their thoughts, you can register for any of the existing exchanges of content. There you will be given topics on which you write an article. Such activities are called rewriting or copywriting, matter yourself whether you create the text or Refine some existing ones.
In addition, on the Internet you can earn a little money doing paid surveys, creating feedback about any products and services, as well as engaging in hidden advertising on forums. Some people prefer to risk making bets in bookmakers, playing in an online casino or even poker for real money. However, you are unlikely to be 100% sure that this option is part-time work will definitely bring you income, and will not leave you in the red.
If you know how to create sites and promote them, you can choose this activity as a supplementary income in their free evening time. Now such skills are highly valued, so, with a little effort, you can earn a good money.