Choosing the right jobs

Note that the work in the age of 14 should not interfere with the studies of teenager to be a danger to his mental and physical health, but also to infringe civil rights and freedoms. If you take into account the busy training schedule of the child, it is necessary to work either in the evening or on weekends.

Quite popular nowadays are the promoters. This job is to distribute leaflets to passersby on the street, subway, shop, exhibitions and other busy places. The convenience is that enough to work 2-3 hours a day, and the teenager may do it after school or at the weekend.

Consider employment as assistant to any officers: clerk, storekeeper, record Keeper, Secretary, etc. In the evening in various enterprises are often not enough staff to analyze the accumulated daily papers or perform some other urgent matters. The student will be able not only to earn but also to learn interesting profession.

Try to work as a courier. These staff may be required for a public food service establishments – pizzerias, cafes, restaurants, etc. where you want to post orders to customers. Given the fact that the student does not have personal transport (except bike), this work will fit in the case if the area is delivery of small, and the courier can bypass customers walk.

Messengers are needed in various office settings where you want to deliver documents, letters and other correspondence to addressees residing in the city. You can also get a job in the post office and spread from house to house Newspapers and magazines.

Additional opportunities for work

You can work at home that is the most convenient option. However, this work tends to be informal, and need to have special skills, such as ability to create beautiful texts to understand the web design, advertising in social networks, etc. However, modern teenagers good enough at the computer to try to work at home.

Visit the nearest labour exchange (employment service) and stand on the account. In this institution you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire and indicate those spheres of labour, in which I would like to work. Personnel service specialists will select for you suitable vacancies and asked to choose one of them.