First and foremost, study the ads for employment in Newspapers and on special sites on the Internet. Generally there you can find the category "no education". Perhaps you will find something for themselves.
Usually after the heading "Work without" looking for laborers, porters, cleaners, janitors, waiters, kitchen workers and the like. If a job you do not like, the world is full and other work not requiring special education. For example, a promoter. This is a job for sociable, mobile, persistent and responsible people. The task of the promoter is to interest as many people as possible in a certain product or service.
Often, companies and firms hold different promotions, which promote their products. Such presentations and promoters are required. They hand out business cards, flyers or pamphlets to passersby on the street, try to offer new product to customers in the store, show and tell about the product to potential customers. It is worth noting that promoters usually take a temporary job for the period of the promotion.
Another job not requiring education-consultant. In fact, the same promoter, but he is constantly trading hall. The consultant advises buyers what product to choose, helps to make a good purchase for the price and quality.
Also people with no education can get operator in Call center or dispatcher service, such as taxis or delivery dinners. For such work requires good diction and the ability to communicate with people on the phone.
A young girl with no education can get a Secretary in a small firm. The Secretary answers the phone, typing orders into the computer, greets guests, and performs other simple instructions of the chief.
This is not a complete list of places where you can go to work without education. However, it is worth a lifetime to devote to the work of a porter or a Call-center operator. Better still to get a specialty that you like and will help to move up the career ladder.