Those students who want to find a part time job for the summer, it is worth considering that most employers are reluctant to employ children between 14 and 17 years, usually they require adult employees who are responsible for themselves and have the whocanyield to spend in the workplace for 8 hours. However, the law does not forbid to work to teenagers from 14 years old, and officially employ them can the job center, which for the summer period specifically makes a selection of vacancies for school-age children. So first of all teenagers wishing to earn money, should turn to this service.
The employment center provides Teens temporary employment from different employers. Usually it is state agencies or municipal services. Minors are encouraged to work on city gardening, care of flowerbeds, street cleaning, assistance with harvest, the work of an assistant in a kindergarten or in a medical facility. Part of the salary accrued from the employment center and part from the employer.
Teens can get a job and self employment center. Then they can count on higher wages, but must be careful to avoid being deceived when the issue of wages. One of the most common types of employment for the summer and in the free time is the job of a promoter. No special knowledge for this employment is not required, only need to distribute leaflets or to entice buyers. Promoters usually work 4-6 hours, vacancies in cities quite a lot, and can pay for each day going to work. The only disadvantage of such activity - have to work mostly on the street all the time on my feet in all conditions. Rain or scorching sun - no matter the promoter will have to work the entire schedule in such circumstances.
Another common job for students is courier. However, in this work we take the older children, aged 16-17 years, since the responsibility to her. Need to deliver documents or orders to customers in different parts of the city. Basically, the couriers use public transport or travel in their cars, but in the summer the students can use and a bike. For this work you need at least a little to navigate the city.
There are still many vacancies, which can take students during the holidays is a sticker ad, the operators PC in part-time employees call center, sales consultants, cashiers in fast food restaurants, managers social. surveys, counselors in children's camps. You could get a job, if you ask the parents to let the teenager on his business as assistant for a period of leave among employees. But whatever work might chose a teenager, he always need to be especially careful about the scams offering easy money. Many such advertisements in Newspapers and on the Internet.