You will need
  • Of course, this is still labour exchanges and their employees are genuinely willing to help anyone who asked in search of work. But a search of the Internet will be more efficient and easier. You can also visit job fairs.
You only 14? Will have to obtain parental consent to your employment, otherwise the employer will have no right to conclude with you the labour or civil contract. Under current labor law, such consent must be expressed in written form.
Jobs for teenagers in principle a bit, especially for those who are only 14. Usually at this age you can get a promoter or layer ad, at least by courier. Get ready for falling off the legs at the end of working time. By the way, don't forget that they have a legislatively limited to only 24 hours per week.
About the same perspective and 15-year-old, with the only difference that parental consent to the employment contract is not required. A little easier for those who are over 16: they are entitled to work 35 hours per week, ie employers take them more profitable. A catalogue of jobs for Teens 16-18 broader waiter, phone operator, sales assistant. Girls can get and secretaries, especially in the presence of high speed printing.
Do not forget about world wide web - it provides a great opportunity to find the remote simple work for almost all. Always need copywriters, rewriters, bloggers, programmers. The guys from the linguistic schools can try their hand at simple translations. Typically, a private contractor who are not able to pay a real specialist will not be interested, how old are you and do you have experience if you want to write a simple text or make a small translation on General subjects.

Unfortunately, not all customers are honest. In order to accurately obtain the money for their work, require an advance payment (for example, transfer to Transfer), or transfer work to the customer personally at the meeting. Although no one is immune from deception.
Finally, the most reliable online - parents and friends. May be, the Registrar or the courier company where a friend of your mother, suddenly quit? Maybe the neighbors need to have someone sat with their son-a second grader and helped to make the lessons? Ask! Is definitely not deceived.
The most prosaic question - payment of your work. It definitely will not be high, but the average teenager of 14-15 years could earn up to 10,000 rubles, and older - up to 20000 (in Moscow).

It is important to always sign a contract with the employer or, if you are looking for remote work, require guarantees of payment (advance payment). Otherwise the money can not get at all.