You first need to determine whether it is earning a degree, or in any other sphere. The second option may even be preferable, since employers do not always take students with some College, not wanting to waste time on their training. At the same time, studying full time, students simply do not have the opportunity to work full time.So, the simplest solution will be to find work that requires no special skills. Of course, it may be low-paid activities, but without the first small step to take the presidency in the future is virtually impossible. To search for jobs should be correctly create a resume, posting it on several specialized web sites. An additional option would be an appeal in the office of the city or visit various job fairs. Do not forget about searching through Newspapers ads.Basically students are able to work in the service sector. Numerous food establishments, retail stores need staff, consisting of young and energetic employees who want experience: waiters, bartenders, and managers. In addition, young people can get promoters, security guards, porters. Constantly open positions for janitors, maintenance workers, cleaners and watchmen. The students of the philological faculties during the training quite easy to find work as teachers and translators. And in the summer for all open their doors to children's camps and student groups. Of course, you should try to get a degree. To make it more difficult. Regardless of whether you graduated from the training in the Institute or not, you need to make a competent and detailed portfolio, revealing all of your existing experience. Even if you have not yet worked, most likely, you have finished projects scientific or creative studies, diplomas and prizes for participating in competitions in the field of the profession, which you studied. You can seek the assistance of teachers, which will help you to write a letter of recommendation describing your achievements during training. All collected documents should be folded in a folder attached to the summary. It is also desirable that was and their electronic versions for ease of placement in the network. Employers on specialized Internet sites look at those in addition to a well written resume puts in his profile is also detailed portfolio.Follow student activities during learning. From time to time universities hold special career days in which students can meet with employers and discuss plans for further cooperation. In addition, almost every University has a special Department for the employment of students.If you were or still are being trained in one of the city institutions, it is a great chance to meet potential employers, to establish itself and to obtain the necessary connections. There's always a chance that you will be in demand, and the employer wish to continue business with you already on a contractual basis.If it failed to get the workbook, don't worry. You can get the money working as a tutor or helping to write diploma and course work. Should not be excluded from work via the Internet as a freelancer. On the Internet you can find a large amount of resources and private clients who require the services of copywriters, designers and programmers.