The easiest way to get from Moscow to Kozelsk on the train. For this we need to get on the train "Moscow — Kaluga-1" which is roughly 11 times a day departs from the Kiev station of the Russian capital. When they reached the Kaluga, need to get to the stop "Railway station" bus №32 and go to the stop "Kozelsk. Central square". You can also take bus No. 41 and get to the same stop. The total time spent on the trip — about 6 hours 35 minutes.
To Kozelsk can be reached by bus. You first need to get to the metro station "Teply Stan". Next to it is a small bus station, from where depart buses on routes: "Moscow — city", "Moscow — Ulyanovo", "Moscow District", "Moscow — city". Get off at the stop "Kozelsk". Faster is the bus "Moscow — city" and the slow "Moscow — Ulyanovo". Travel time is approximately 5 hours and 10 minutes, if there is no congestion. Another option is the bus trip from the bus station "Novoyasenevskaya" route 47 "Moscow — Kozelsk. Central square".
If you go by car, it is necessary to rotate the ring road on the Kiev highway and pass Obninsk and Maloyaroslavets. Then the Kiev highway smoothly into highway M-3 "Ukraine", which should go, without turning anywhere. After the village Shugurovo will be a sharp turn to the left and more than 30 kilometers need to move to the entrance to Kozelsk. This route takes approximately 5 hours.
The second option of a trip to Kozelsk on the car — to go on the Warsaw highway, which then goes into the road A-130, and go through the Podolsk and Klimovsk in the direction of Kaluga. After the car will pass through Kaluga, it is necessary to turn right and then left onto highway M-3 "Ukraine". 35 miles will be turning to Kozel'sk. In this case, the path will take approximately 6 hours, excluding delays on the road.