You will need
  • - aircraft
  • - long train,
  • a car
  • bus.
To get to Kherson by plane. Approximately there are two flights a day. It is engaged in airline "S7", the planes which depart from the airport "Vnukovo". Journey time is 1 hour and 55 minutes. However, sometimes it is possible to increase the time in flight up to 2 hours and 10 minutes. And from July 2013, regular flights between Moscow and Kherson from the airport "Vnukovo" are performed by the airline "Motor Sich". Flight time is 1 hour and 55 minutes.
You can reach Kherson by train long distance. Are there direct train Moscow — Kherson. Which, on average, once a day's journey from the Kiev station of capital. In this case, the road is 1 day and 2 hours.
It is possible to get to Kherson on regular tour bus, which is designed for long distance travel. Usually the buses to Kherson depart from Kievsky train station in the Russian capital. But you must immediately get ready that fast connections will not work. If the bus will go without stops to rest the driver and passengers, the way to Kherson takes just over 20 hours.
If we talk about the trip in his car, the route is quite simple and intuitive. It is necessary to choose Kaluga direction and drive first to Kaluga, and then to head for Bryansk. After Brjansk on the road to reach the Russian-Ukrainian border, and to move further on the main road that runs past small Ukrainian cities. Of course, you can stop in the Chernigov, Kiev or Poltava, but that means every time you need to deviate from the intended target of 50-60 kilometers. Therefore, it is better to keep the exchange rate in Nikolaev, and from there to Kherson at hand — not more than 40 kilometers. Journey time by car takes about 16-18 hours. But if the roads will meet the tube or will any unexpected delay at the border, the journey time can take up to 20 hours.