If you travel by car from Moscow, you need to get on the highway M-7 "Volga" (Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod). The distance to the Suzdal 220 kilometers, but drive it for 5-7 hours. The direction Vladimir is very busy and the first difficulty will follow immediately outside Moscow in Balashikha.

Next difficult section is the interval of the road from Yelnya to Noginsk, Kovrov, Lakinsk, ring road, near Vladimir in the weekend. The best time to travel difficult areas are: weekdays early morning (6-7 hours) and at night after hours. Weekend free Sunday morning.
Driving to Vladimir, turn left onto bypass road (there will be a traffic light and sign). Then after a few kilometers turn left at the traffic light at the pointer "Suzdal".
To get to Suzdal by bus. The difficulty lies in the fact that a direct flight from Moscow, there is, and you have to use the transit options. Through the Suzdal bus to Ivanovo. It departs from bus terminal at metro Schelkovskaya several times a day. Be sure to warn the driver that you need to leave it in Suzdal, that he drove through town to the bus station, but did not turn onto the bypass road. From Suzdal bus station by taxi (available money) you can drive to any hotel or historical site. But in principle, Suzdal city is so compact that it can be explored on foot.
Another route will help you get to the Suzdal bus to Vladimir. Arriving at the bus station, take the bus Vladimir-Suzdal, which runs every half an hour.
If you want to save time, select the fastest option is the train. Before Vladimir can be reached by train from Kursky station. This is the quickest way – journey time is just three hours. Arriving at the railway station to Vladimir, then change to the bus to Suzdal. Fortunately the bus station is nearby.