To get to Zelenogorsk in several ways - for example, by train. Trains to Zelenogorsk go with the Finland station, but you can sit down and for intermediate stations – New village, Old village, the Specific. All of them except the New village, located near the namesake metro stations. New village is located between the stations of "Chernaya Rechka" and "pioneer", so that it is reached by subway and on foot have to walk 10 or 15 minutes.

If you decide to go with the Finland station, you should take the metro to the station "Lenin Square". She is on the red line. You need to get on the train, going in the direction of Vyborg. Suitable trains on Kannelyarvi, Roschino and actually Zelenogorsk. They go quite often.
Drive from Zelenogorsk and by taxi or bus. Of the minibuses going in the right direction, pretty much. The most popular bus No. 400. It comes from the Lenin square, bus stop – just in front of the Finland station. This route is the fastest and the cheapest.
A convenient route to Zelenogorsk and starts from the metro station "Old village". There you need to take bus №305. You can drive to the station "Chernaya Rechka". Almost beside the pavilion you will find the stop of bus n 211. It is, however, quite long. You can reach the station "Prospect Enlightenment", where bus No. 680.
If you prefer to travel by car, you have two options: Vyborg highway or the seaside. If you choose the seaside road, part of the way to Zelenogorsk you will travel on the highway "Scandinavia". To get at the Vyborg highway, you need to pass the village of Sand, and behind Beloostrov turn right.