Easier to get a job in Bank, if you just finished high school, than in the case where you already have some experience in different places. The staff involved in the selection of personnel, much better perceive the yesterday's student who dreams to get a job in the Bankto make relevant career than the person for whom the Bank is just another employer, something better or worse than all previous ones. Of course, this does not mean that if you haven't worked in the BankAh, you go and take: a lot depends on the situation and the position for which you are applying. Thus, if you are looking for a job in Banke, the main criterion for employment is not work experience, and you have higher education.
If you are a student of last courses of higher educational institutions, you can take the first step for employment in the Bank, having in this internship. And although at this time you will perform the duties of a trainee assistant, doing only paper work, however, you will learn how to work the Bank from the inside, how the staff behave, how we communicate with customers on any regulations based work. During the practice you may see what jobs are open, and get a chance to negotiate for employment immediately after graduation.
If you do not have economic education, your chances to get a job in a Bank will still remain. The fact that any Bank is not only the front office where client meetings are open two or three cash window, and the professionals engaged in registration of credits and deposits. The Bank is also back office support which is not as obvious but no less important. To back-office employees include accounting, it staff, appraisers, lawyers, security officers, employees of advertising departments, employees of the utility unit and a lot of other people. As you can see from the title of their positions, economic education is necessary, not all of them. So, again, the main thing is your desire to get a job in the Bank.