The easiest way to get a job in Bank in high school to start an apprenticeship in a Bank's call center. Experience in a Bank in such a position, of course, desirable (because you will have to tell me over the phone about Bank products), but not required. Important to stress, good diction, competent speech, basic knowledge of Finance and banking. To look for a job can be a course from the second. Subsequently, with further education in Finance, you can go to the more "intellectual" position, the more that something about the banking products and the specifics of the banks you already know.
graduate or undergraduate can get a sales Manager of banking products. As a rule, the experience of work is not required, important communication skills, stress resistance, ability to find common language with clients. About the banking products specialist will talk to the Bank (provided that he knows something himself).
No experience work to get to the Bank and in other positions, usually in large banks always open a lot of the initial position. The main condition for gainful employment is a good summary. Of course, no summary of experience, work to make difficult, however, instead experience fit the description of educational practices (especially if they, too, were held in a Bank), the emphasis on a good education and is important for the Bank employee's personal qualities (stress, thoroughness, commitment). In addition, many banks require applicants good knowledge of the English language - at least at a conversational level. Especially, this knowledge may be required in Western banks.
Aim to get a job in the Bank, start with compiling a summary and analysis of current banking jobs. Without experience it is easier to get a job in a big Bank because there are more vacancies. So you should start to send a resume to the big banks. It is important to apply for any one selected position in one Bank, and not on any vacancy for candidates without experience of work, because the desire to get it for a specific job will demonstrate your dedication and desire to work in a particular area of banking.