Get a special education. Basic knowledge in Economics and Finance remains essential to anyone who is going to work in the Bankovsky the field. Despite the widespread belief that the labor market is overflowing with graduates of economic faculties, a qualified specialist will always find work.
Get a second degree abroad. Many universities are now expanding contacts with universities in neighbouring countries, allowing its students to receive free education on the brink. In the framework of student exchange you can study a semester in another country and expand their professional horizons. Do not pass up this opportunity, even if the intended specialty does not fully coincide with yours. Education abroad has always remained a prestigious, and Your future employer not only to make sure your knowledge of Economics, but also English. In addition, you will demonstrate your proactive stance.
Start looking for a job even while studying. According to the head of Personnel Services Bankir.Ru Alena Tsibulnikova, it is better to apply directly to the major banks – VTB 24, Alfa-Bank, Uniastrum. Banks offer work interns both for graduate and undergraduate students. So you will be able to demonstrate your best qualities to the employer and simultaneously to obtain the essential practical skills. Many students who has good recommendations, I suggest to stay at the headquarters at the end of practice. In any case, you will receive experience, which is valued in the labor market more than a diploma.
Search for jobs through specialized sites. The most popular resources for finding work in the Bank at the moment are servers,, where you also can get expert advice on resume writing or interview.
Act directly. Call and come to the Bank where you would like to work. Personal communication with Manager of recruitment can be very effective. When Bank a vacancy, You may call before you begin to view the endless summary.
Tell people what you are looking for a job in the Bank. You can not know all, who else knows of your friends or buddies. Perhaps their neighbor in the airplane chair will be the Manager of a large Bank, which just opened up a vacancy. The sooner you learn more about the position, the more chance to get a place.