"Scope" - the very meaning of the phrase suggests a certain area of work. In fact, it is the work or services provided by companies, enterprises, defined by organizations, individual people, and so on. However, the list of services provided by one or another organization necessarily depends on the scope of its activities. Choosing a field of activity, company or individual seeks to find its niche in the market", it is from this choice depends the future prosperity of the company or individual.

Types of fields

The first area – political, involving work in government agencies. The second is the business. This area in turn is subdivided into several separate areas: industrial business, commercial business, financial business, intermediary business and insurance. Manufacturing is the direct production of goods. Often the provision of services and the implementation of various works carried out by commercial organizations. In the second case we are talking about trade organizations and/or commodity exchanges dealing in the purchase and sale of goods.

Financial sector includes banking, stock exchanges, financial institutions, foreign exchange transactions, operations with securities and investing. Agency business involves the brokering of services by commercial organizations. In the latter case we are talking about companies providing insurance services.

The third field is education, i.e. educators and teaching activities.

The fourth is art and creativity. In this area Express themselves actors, artists, writers, Directors, composers and others. Another separate field is science. In this area, with research institutes and universities.

And completes the list of medicine, involving the activities of various medical organizations.

Why is it important to find "your" profession

It is important to "find themselves" in this life and the case, which can be realized at 100%. Selecting the scope, is not relevant to their abilities and the aspects of the character can be branded a loser and the rest of your life miserable and dreary existence. Therefore, solving this question, we need to take into account their individual characteristics and time to guide them in the right direction. To build a successful business, become famous and distinguished surgeon, to lead the country to prosperity is possible only once its place. In another place the person will lose both their personal qualities and professional. Today in all educational institutions, students are encouraged to take the test for career guidance, which will help to make the right choice.