About the University

The University is a non-government institution. Pay tuition only. Here it is possible to obtain such level of education as graduate, undergraduate, College, graduate, second degree, business education, professional training. One of the directions of educational activities "synergy" is considered distance learning.

The Department is headed by well-known and public people who have achieved high results in various spheres. For example, the Department of management in the restaurant and hotel business is managed by Igor Bukharev President of the Russian Federation of restaurateurs and hoteliers. The Social media Department is headed by Artem Sugalski, CEO and co-founder of "Trend Media". At University works Department of marketing and breeding Manager at the head of the "Tinkoff" Samvel Avetisyan. Founder of Digital party and a well-known figure in the Internet Alexey Filonov leads the faculty of the Internet.

In 2013, MFPA opens branch in Dubai, UAE. There are also representative offices of the University in foreign cities — Singapore, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai, London, Jinhua.

What majors you can study at University

The University opened the country's first faculty of business with "Entrepreneurship". It does not require fives and zubric important - student needs to create a profitable business and show the result.

In the faculty of Economics has faculties of "General management", "Management in restaurant and hotel business", "Economics", "Banking", "Finance", "Hotel business", "Banking management", "Economics and accounting", "human resource Management", "Commerce", "Strategic management". This Department has the faculty of "Management in retail", where the training is designed specifically for those wishing to build a career in sales.

The curriculum prepares effective leaders and Directors of trading companies. Separately worth noting the faculties "Management in restaurant and hotel business (Dubai) and International Finance (Dubai )". Training takes place in Dubai in the English language. Such training provides an excellent opportunity to gain international experience working in hotels and restaurants in Dubai.

In the Department of sports management can gain knowledge in the areas of "Sports management" "Sport marketing", "Management in the fitness industry", "Management in the arts industry".

In information technology teaching in the disciplines "Information technologies and systems", "Applied Informatics", "Information security", "Mathematical software and administration of information systems", "Information management". Become a well-known Internet businessman to help study a degree in "Internet business".

Learn to be a designer and advertiser in the faculty of design and advertising. Even at University there are faculties of psychology, linguistics and law.