Despite the fact that Russian managers are traditionally referred to practically all office employees, higher education institutions still train specialists for the management of various processes. It can be production, trade, development of new products, organization of events, managing restaurants or hotels, financial activities. Options of specialization of a Manager are many, but the point is to ensure that the schools teach it is the ability to control subordinates, motivate them, set goals and achieve them.
There is a traditional division managers, three managers, from the lowest to the highest. The lower-level managers is the youngest head of the enterprise or organization, supervising direct contractors, managers of middle managers organize the work of subordinate managers and senior managers include employees in the various positions of Directors.
Of course, that immediately after receiving the diploma of higher education is almost impossible to become a commercial or Executive Director, will have to start from lower level. Of course, ideally, you should look for a job that involves managerial activities, but in practice often it turns out that people with a lack of experience can claim only for the position of the contractor. However, in this situation, there is a plus, since you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with all the subtleties of what is happening in the enterprise processes. And since you already have knowledge management staff, you will be able to move up the career ladder.
When choosing a place for employment, it is better to focus on large companies, since career growth in the probable, moreover, as a rule, such enterprise is much more stable. Unfortunately, first have to agree on low enough wages, but with the real prospect of increases in high income until you can donate.
It is advisable to your job, to the maximum extent consistent with specialization, because, for example, the financial Manager will still have to retrain to operate the restaurant chain, because each sphere of activity has its own nuances.